Each item has a Oakley detailed explanation (on lenses and mount type), available colors and guidance on prezzo.Il portal alsos a page for reporting counterfeits and will offer users the possibility to subscribe to newsletter.Collegandoti to the official website Oakley UK, you have to see all the latest collections of sunglasses, clothing, accessories, bags, backpacks and more. portal is in Italian, offers pictures, info about the company and services offered, store locator and a section devoted entirely to shop online.At the time of this unique eyewear was available in over 50 combinations of colors and lenses. Today Oakley presents five new color combinations: Pike's Gold, Aspen Green, Blue, Artesian, Mesa Orange Basin Red.Oakley presents eyewear collections for spring-summer 2013, with models for men and women new forms. The Frogskins are a timeless classic, a legendary model launched in 1985.

The Oakley Garage Rock, which pays tribute to the 60s, features metal detailing inspired by the electric guitars, with retro-style motifs that create a classic look and relaxed. The frame was made ​​of  Oakley Matter, a particularly lightweight, and uses the High Definition Optics to offer the best in protection and visual clarity. The Garage Rock may be associated with HDPolarized lenses that deflect the reflected light Oakley Sunglasses.

Take all the liveliness of the 80s and add to the cool side of our days here is the Forehand Oakley. Available in a wide range of pop colors, these glasses in retro style were created for girls who know how to have fun. For her Oakley Backhand, with its extra-large frame and a glamorous 70s. They consist of thin rods, extremely feminine and light, the O-Matter frame, strong and durable, and Plutonite lenses, a material that provides the Oakley UK ultimate protection for your eyes. The model is also available with prescription lenses.

Etnia Barcelona presented the Oakley new sunglasses collection for spring - summer 2013 in collaboration with the renowned Japanese photographer Araki. The creation of the new model of Oakley eyewear was born during a trip from Paris to Tokyo, with the intent to pay homage to both fashion and technology. The protagonists of the collection Paris-Tokyo are three models of glasses unisex, each of which represents an Oakley Sunglasses era and style.

the model NH206 is inspired by Oakley the '80s and playing with a futuristic style, model AF206 lives influences from the 60s and see the iconic Yoko Ono, and finally the model JL406 plays with the Oakley rock star style. All three new models are available in 46 combinations of colori.Il product is focused on an in-depth study of colors and their combinations, as well as to have a broader proposal of the highest quality with regard to Oakley UK material and lenses, which are both produced in Italy.

The creator of the image collection of the Paris-Tokyo is the famous Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, who Oakley oversaw the customization of the new collection. In a photo session, Araki has created four different atmospheres that convey the essence of the collection.

V to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Oakley the brand, Oliver Peoples announces many new features. First of all the new advertising campaign Spring Resort 2013 starring Ray Liotta and Bar Paly. Background to these shots by Patrick Hoelck the Stage 9 of the famous Sony Studios in Oakley Culver City, California.A Unlike previous campaigns lifestyle Oliver People Oakley Sunglasses, Hoelck has chosen this time a minimalist approach to highlight and emphasize the true beauty of every single pair of glasses of the collection Oakley Sunglasses. For the accompanying short film will have to wait next spring.


Then there they Oakley are, the real stars, the glasses. The vision model, XXV-RX, and that alone, XXV-S, in an exclusive color palette, were created for Oakley UK the occasion and will be available from this autunno.Larry Leight, founder and creative director of Oliver Peoples after hours of research in Oakley his personal archives of frames, catalogs and design notes, he came across a finished object now forgotten: a sketch dating back to 1989, two years before the debut of the original Oliver Peoples collection. As soon as he had in his hands the exceptional finding, he knew instantly that this fortuitous discovery Oakley would have been perfect to represent 25 years of work.

"I remember when I drew Oakley them - says Leight -. I adored them from the beginning, but at the time were not suitable to our collection. We had hit the mark thanks to an aesthetic that represented a new and Oakley Sunglasses different category of intellectual glasses and the people he was Oakley fascinated. These frames had a slightly more modern look compared to what we had in mind then. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, I wanted to dig in our tradition. These models combine two icons of style Oliver Peoples: the bold sturdy acetate frames, as Tycoon and Sheldrake, and the stylish look of vintage Oakley inspiration that is the foundation of the brand. I'm excited to finally see them live. "

The special edition models feature Oakley a plastic frame with a rugged cast metal filigree of intricate detail. The hinge has a raised pattern custom, while the shaft is adorned with an insert arrow used for the first time on a frame Oliver Peoples.L 'rod with a spatula as amended adds Oakley another note to the vintage models. Both versions, sunglasses and eyeglasses will be available in classic tortoise shades, neutral and modern in a special variant of gray that is the silver, the traditional 25th anniversary.

The sunglasses can be purchased Oakley Sunglasses with VFX polarized lenses, photochromic or mineral glass, and a custom case, inspired by the models of the first collection license plate 1987, and embellished with the original Oliver Peoples.Ma is not over here. Oliver Peoples also wanted a custom limited edition box set to celebrate the anniversary Oakley Sunglasses. With the specific intent to meet customer demand for a stylish container for their glasses, the brand has collaborated with the brand manufacturer of enclosures Guichard.

Founded in 1933 by Rene Guichard, the French Malletier artisan creates each piece by hand in his atelier in Saint-Claude Oakley, near Geneva. Inspired at a time when travel meant spending whole days on board a ship or a train, the box set is reminiscent of a vintage suitcase, reinvented in a modern way, and is divided into six compartments with Oakley UK generous dimensions. The housing commemorative collection will be available in limited quantities and distributed starting next fall exclusively in Oliver Peoples boutiques and Bergdorf Goodman and in selected stores.

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